FAQs About Renting from North Austin RV Rental

What makes Motorhome Ventures better than the others?

I am an owner-operator – you will get the most personal service anywhere.
RV is fully equipped – there are no additional charges for necessary items
Simplified process – no going through a third-party booking company
All major credit cards accepted and no surcharges for their use
Flexible pick up / drop off times
No additional charges for insurance – liability is provided and the RV is completely covered!
No insurance binder required from your insurance company
Low deductible ($1000 versus $2000 or more at other companies)
No surprise charges upon rental return

I’ve never driven a motorhome. Can I do it?

Absolutely! Since it has a driver cab like a car or truck, a Class C motorhome drives more similar to a car than a bus. No special license is required. Drivers are required to be at least 25 years old.

What about roadside assistance?

I am your personal roadside assistant available 24/7. If you have any issue at all anytime day or night, you may call me and I’ll help you get the assistance you need.

How does Insurance work?

The RV is insured as a commercial rental unit, which means you are covered! The cost of insurance is included in the daily rate. You do not have to ask your insurance company for coverage (you are likely not covered when you rent, as most insurance companies won’t insure RV rentals if it is larger than a small camper van). Additionally, you do not need a difficult to acquire rider or pay out of pocket for daily insurance. Full details will be provided upon inquiry. Deductible is $1000.

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